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International Spotlight: Africa
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Liberia Facts
Liberia: America's impoverished orphan in Africa
'We stood by America; we will always stand by America'
The people of Liberia extend the hand of friendship and partnership to the people of America.
Clinging to life in Liberia
OPINION: Why, Washington?
American values & democracy in Liberia

Location: West Africa
Size: 111,370 sq kilometers (slightly larger than Tennessee)
Population: 3,288,198 (7/02 US government estimate)
Religions: 40% Christian; 40% Native religions; 20% Muslim
GDP for 2002 : $463 million (estimate)
GDP per capita: $141 Public debt: $3 billion,including $2.6 billion of foreign debt
Average lending rate: 20%
Exchange rate: US $1 = 50 Liberian dollars
Government Budget: 7/02 – 6/03 = $70 million
Inflation Rate: 12.1% (2001 average)
Unemployment Rate: 85% (UNDP),70% (Gov.of Liberia)

Note:All figures are approximate,based on the second quarter 2002 Financial and Economic Bulletin of the Central Bank of Liberia,and the situation in Liberia in October this year,unless otherwise indicated.

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