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Liberia Facts
Liberia: America's impoverished orphan in Africa
'We stood by America; we will always stand by America'
The people of Liberia extend the hand of friendship and partnership to the people of America.
Clinging to life in Liberia
OPINION: Why, Washington?
American values & democracy in Liberia
American values & democracy in Liberia

On July 19,1997,the people of Liberia went to the polls to elect a president and members of parliament and to put an end to seven years of civil war. Over 75 percent chose Charles Taylor for president in an election that former President Jimmy Carter and other international observers declared free and fair.

However, despite the undoubted integrity of the election, not long after losing parties and other opposition elements began a new war, fighting to overthrow the legitimate government. This second civil war has dragged on until now.

And instead of the international community coming to the aid of Liberia as it sought to defend itself against a terrorist insur– gency, backed by neighbors with their own agendas, the world stood on the sidelines as the fighting raged and people suffered. Then powerful nations supported sanctions that further crippled our already ruined economy, plunging our people into ever deeper poverty and misery.

Under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, Liberia is entitled to defend itself against foreign aggression and other threats to its survival as a sovereign state. Furthermore, as a nation created by and for Americans in the name of liberty, we hold our freedom dear, and we are fighting with all our ability and effort to protect and secure it. At the same time, despite our desperate situation, we are doing our utmost to create an environment of responsible, trans– parent government, respecting human rights and the rule of law.

We look forward to a new era of freedom, justice and cooperation in which once more Americans and American companies will join us in building a bright new future for Liberia.

Our land is rich in gold, diamonds, iron ore, timber and rubber. Our seas abound with fish, and beneath their surface American prospectors have found the potential for large reserves of oil and gas. With you we can turn this natural wealth into a blessing for both our peoples, and for this region of Africa in general. We want to develop these resources with you.

Why not help Liberia, America 's African child, become a shining example of American values and democracy for the whole continent?

After years of war, our nation is grievously wounded and suffering as never before, but we want to work with you, America, to start anew. We look forward to building a new era of bilateral friendship between our two great peoples and nations.

Republic of Liberia
Ministry of Information,Culture &Tourism
Minister Reginald B.Goodridge,Sr.
1000 Monrovia 10,Liberia PO Box 10–9021
Tel –(231)227349 Fax –(231)226544

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