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Obama Campaign Advisers Hold Conference on Obama's Meeting with Economic Advisers

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Monday, July 28, 2008; 4:35 PM

MAURA MACK: Thank you very much.

And thank you all for joining us today. This is Maura Mack (ph) with the Obama campaign. I'm sorry for the delay. The meeting ran a little bit longer than we expected.

But as you all know, Senator Obama held a meeting today to discuss pressing economic challenges facing our country with his top economic advisers, and we're pleased to have with us today former Senator Bill Bradley; also Laura Tyson from U.C.-Berkeley.

Senator Bradley is the former senator from New Jersey, and he's going to be speaking with us first.

Senator Bradley, please go ahead.

FORMER SEN. BILL BRADLEY: I'm very pleased to respond to any questions that anyone has.


If you want me to make a few opening comments.

The meeting that was held here today is an example of Barack Obama putting the economy number one on his agenda. He recognizes that there are millions of Americans that have been hurt by he economic policies of the last eight years, and he intends to make a significant change, one that puts the personal income of Americans at the top of the agenda, with growth and productivity as ways of realizing that purpose.

The meeting was attended by many very talented people, and it was a good exchange. There was a free flow of discussion. And it was a very positive day.

LAURA TYSON: This is Laura Tyson, and I also was honored to attend the meeting. It was, as you can tell from the fact that we ran over by an extra half-hour, it was a very lively and wide-ranging discussion.

We discussed policies both that deal with some of the immediate pressures on the economy, issues of the current financial market and its uncertainty. We talked about economic stimulus and what might be parts of an economic stimulus package.

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